Joshua Advisory Board

Joshua Church Growth Advisory Board
Our purpose is to create a blueprint/ environment that will aid ministries develop and grow. This is accomplished by providing:
  • Support
  • Feedback  
  • Desire for the church growth 
The requirements to be a part of the Board is as follows: 
  • Familiarity with leadership activities. 
  • View discussions as  opportunities 
  • Willingness to assist fellow Pastors.
  • Meet online for collaboration. 
  • Have influence.
We employ an “Each One – Teach One” mentality. 

One benefits of being an on the Advisory board are:
  • Receiving products/ services at cost 
Your input and suggestions will:
  • Increase our vision
  • Empower us to stay abreast of current challenges.  

Gregory Lyons Jireh – A Solution Provider The Creators of Joshua I.S.N. 469-371-9986
I agree to the aforementioned and to being a member of the Joshua Advisory Board.
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